About US

We are the volunteers, choosing to create our own future! We are tired of petty politics and status quo.

We believe together we can make a positive difference. Our working model is simple.

  • At least two persons (maximum 3) from each sub-region will be members of the council,

    preferably the energetic and self-less youth who are interested in voluntary community

    works. If a council member becomes unavailable or is not performing the chosen role

    responsibly, he/she will be replaced by another volunteer from that unit. There will be one

    spokesperson of the council who will rotate among the council members every six months,

    to be elected by members’ secret ballots. He/she will help schedule meetings and relay

    (agreed upon) council’s plans and decisions to the public. The spokesperson does not have

    any more authority than a council member.

  • Council will also nominate Ambassadors overseas (in Middle East, Europe and North

    America) and coordinate collection of funds from abroad.

  • A joint bank account will be opened and money can be withdrawn and spent with council’s

    approval only, and not a single penny can be used for personal affairs.

  • Council has to present progress report before public after every three months. Every penny

    collected and dispensed will be accounted. Funding and progress updates will also be made available through council’s webpage.

  • Public will have all the rights to monitor the transparency of process in addition to providing

    valuable feedback.

Note: Conventional party politics will not be allowed in Council’s affairs.